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21 June 2021, 16:42

About 2,000 matryoshka dolls in Bashkir costumes will be made for VI World Folkloriada CIOFF®

These days, the “Agidel” Bashkir Art Crafts Enterprise completes the production of matryoshka dolls in the Bashkir national costume for the World Folkloriada.
About 2,000 hand-painted traditional toys will become souvenir products, most of which are decorated in the most recognizable image - the outfit of the Demsky Bashkirs. In addition, Matryoshka dolls as heroes of epics, batyrs (warriors) are also made.
The idea of ​​creating matryoshka dolls in national Bashkir costumes did not arise by chance. However, as one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia, this wooden doll carries a symbolic meaning, reflecting the aesthetic ideals and spiritual world of people, as well as a cultural and educational function.
Agidel employees went on expeditions to the regions, collected information from ethnographers, turned to scientific studies.
“Matryoshka dolls are a clear example of the fact that the national dress of a Bashkir woman has not one standard; it can be different. Instead, it is conventionally divided into seven complexes. And to create such dolls, we had to visit many districts,” ethnic designer Mira Davletova says.
Ethnographers conditionally distinguish seven local costume complexes of the Bashkirs based on the established ethnographic groups.
These are the southeastern, southwestern (Demsky), Samara-Irgiz, central (Inzer), northwestern, northeastern, and eastern (trans-Ural) complexes.
The sketches were developed considering the possibilities of lacquer painting in mass production: without small details, with attention to peculiar elements.
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