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18 November 2011, 12:04

Bashkirs from Estonia were marked at the international festival “Ventspils Wreath”

The Bashkir cultural society “AGIDEL” from Estonia has become a diploma-winner of the VI international festival of national cultures “Ventspils Wreath”, held in the town of Ventspils (Latvia), the chairman of the society Fluza Khairullina reported to the news agency “Bashinform”. The festival was initiated by the association of cultural societies of Latvia with the assistance of Ventspils administration and the Ministry for public integration affairs.
The festival in Ventspils is held once in two years and folk bands and soloists take part in it. 29 bands from Latvia, Estonia and Byelorussia presented the richness of aboriginal culture of 15 nationalities in 2011. The Bashkir band from Estonia was rewarded with the diploma in the nomination “For creation and development of national cultures in Latvia”. The leadership of the Latvian department for national minorities has highly estimated the activity of the Bashkir cultural society “AGIDEL” in Estonia on preservation and development of aboriginal Bashkir culture.
Author:Timur Rakhmatullin